Perl Performance Considerations

As stated earlier in avoiding regular expressions, it may beneficial to avoid regexes to improve performance. The following code demonstrates five different ways to split a string.

My Perl Library

The modules collected herein provide perl classes which I base further projects on.

My Perl Math Module

This perl module contains several useful functions for the statistical analysis of a series of measurements. These were implemented during my diploma thesis to.

XML Processing in Perl

Use the following modules to process XML in Perl:


The ssh-add utility (see SSH agent for details) accepts a program in the environment variable SSH_ASKPASS that retrieves a passphrase from the user. This is especially useful to use the SSH agent from a script or a GUI (i.e. without a console).

Server Configuration

The following list will provide some hints how to configure you SSH daemon although most options will not have to be modified as they also contain reasonable defaults.

Perl Prototype

The following code forms the typical header for my Perl scripts:

Escape Characters

It is possible to control the SSH client while being logged in to a server:

Cloning Perl Arrays

Continuous script interrupted by comments …

SSH Agent

The SSH agent stores unencrypted private keys to help you log in to servers without supplying your private key’s passphrase during retries.