The following commands provide a sane way from the LaTeX source document to a PDF document.

while (changed .aux .out .toc .lot .lof .ind .bbl .gls)
    pdflatex <file>

    if (changed .idx) [[indexes](/blog/2007/11/30/index/)]
        makeindex <file>

    if (.log contains "No file <file>.bbl.") [[bibliography](/blog/2007/11/30/bibliography/)]
	      bibtex <file>

    if (changed .glo) [[glossary](/blog/2007/11/30/glossary/)]
        makeindex -o <file>.gls -t <file>.glg -s <file>.glo

NOTE: By using the latex command, you can create a DVI file instead of a PDF document.

It is also possible to have a personal repository of styles in your home directory. In this case you need to adjust the TEXINPUTS environment variable to tell LaTeX where to search:

TEXINPUTS="${TEXINPUTS}:~/.tex" pdflatex <file>

Be aware that the order of the elements of TEXINPUTS either makes your repository the default (if it is listed at the front) or the fallback (if it is listed at the rear).

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