Selecting fonts:

Font packages

avant, bookman, chancery, charter, courier, helvet, newcent, palatino, times, utopia

The packages only provide means to automagically set font families (i.e. the actual fonts are available whether or not you decide to use a package):

% ...
% ...

Instead of including one of the packages you can still use the table and the commands below.


This is list is by no means exhaustive.

Type Family Name
roman cmr Computer Modern Roman
  ccr Concrete Romain
  panr Pandora Roman
  eur Euler Roman
  pbk Bookman
  pzc Zapf Chancery
  bch Charter
  pnc New Century Schoolbook
  ppl Palatino
  ptm Times
  put Utopia
san serif cmss Computer Modern Sans Serif
  pss Pandora Sans
  pag AvantGarde/BookmanNewCentury Schoolbook
  phv Helvetica/Palatino/Times
typewriter cmtt Computer Modern Typewriter
  pcr Bookman/Courier/Palatino/Times/NewCentury Schoolbook
gothic ygoth Gothic
  yfrak Fraktur
  yswab Schwabacher
pifonts pzd ZapfDingbats
  psy Symbol
  pzc ZapfChancery
unknown eus Euler Script
  euf Euler Fraktur
  cmdh Computer Modern Dunhill

Selecting a font

\renewcommand{\rmdefault}{FAMILY}% default cmr
\renewcommand{\sfdefault}{FAMILY}% default cmss
\renewcommand{\ttdefault}{FAMILY}% default cmtt

Using Sans Serif by default

Changing the default font family to Sans Serif:


Problem: textbf inside texttt

With the default typewriter font the following construct will not work:


Tnsert the following command into the preamble of your document:


Pi fonts

% ...
% ...

See the following for a list of commands:

See also Text Style

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