Unexpected Behaviour

This contains a list of weird behaviour.

Using a Sans Serif font

You’d like your document to use a Sans Serif font

See Fonts

Fuzzy fonts in PDF documents

The fonts in your PDF document are all fuzzy

See Font Encoding and Generating PS/PDF Documents

Mangled ToC pages and references

TOC pages and references are all wrong

See Compilation of LaTeX Documents

No fancy headers in index

Using the package fancyhdr does not affect the index

See Indexes

Wrong references to figures

Referring to an figure does not produce the correct reference

See Graphicx

Incorrectly placed figures

Figures are moved to the end of the document

See Floats

Incorrect page references

Using addcontentsline does not refer to the correct page

See Adding TOC Lines

Fancybox breaks ToC

Package fancybox breaks table of contents

This is a known bug with this package.

LaTeX2HTML hangs

LaTeX2HTML locks while processing the document


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