Conditionals allow you to restrict chunks of your tex source to be processed in a certain context only:


This note allows you to colour text and insert coloured boxes into your document. See Generating PS/PDF Documents for a list of available drivers.

Adding TOC Lines

Some environments will not automatically add an entry in the table of contents (e.g. bibliography).

Vertical Spaces

Include vertical spaces in your text:

Unparsed Text

Unparsed text is included without any parsing at all. It is even up to you to add proper line breaks otherwise the line will simple cause an overfull hbox:


This allows you to handle multi-lingual documents:

Small Page Margins

The following example illustrates how to use various lengths to implement smaller Margins:

Signal Trapping Using Variables

You can easily catch signals thrown at your process and set variables accordingly:

Resetting Section Numberings

It is sometimes desirable to reset counters, like the chapter counter to cause parts to have independent chapter numbering.

Referencing Multi-line Equations

Each line gets its own number. To label a specific line put a label at the end of the line: