Duplicating StdOut

In case you would ever like to duplicate standard output to log the stream of data while processing it, tee is your friend:

Document Classes

Some comments about document classes

Detecting Pipes in Perl

This is something you won’t need each and every day of your life but I won’t have to rethink it once I need it ;-)

Context of a Perl Subroutine

It is often useful to produce different return values depending on the context in which the subrouting or method was called, i.e. the type of return value that the caller expects:


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Bash Script Debugging

This is very useful for debugging:

Adding Functions during Runtime

The following code chunk demonstrates how to add functions to the current namespace during runtime:


This modules provides high resolution timers.


All blessed references inherit from UNIVERSAL:

Mean Value and Mean Deviation

The most commonly used analysis of a series of measurements $x_i = x_1, \dots, x_n$ is calculating the mean value, the minimum, and the maximum as well as the mean deviation: