Page Margins

How to control the page layout.

Organizing PostScript Pages

The following command creates a new PostScript document containing n pages per page:

Maschinelle Übersetzung

Folgendes Gedicht wurde durch ein Übersetzungsprogramm geschickt, das es ins Japanische, dann ins Französische und zurück ins Deutsche übersetzt hat:

Duplicating StdErr

In case you would ever like to duplicate standard output to log the stream of data while processing it, tee is your friend:

Dense Lists

This compresses list environments:

Perl Module Data::Dumper

This modules visualizes data structures:


Conditionals allow you to restrict chunks of your tex source to be processed in a certain context only:


This note allows you to colour text and insert coloured boxes into your document. See Generating PS/PDF Documents for a list of available drivers.

Adding TOC Lines

Some environments will not automatically add an entry in the table of contents (e.g. bibliography).

Vertical Spaces

Include vertical spaces in your text: