Captions should be placed inside a floating environment to ensure that it is printed with the figure when it is moved across pages.

Adding Perl Methods during Runtime

Since perl objects are blessed references, it is not easy to add an instance method which is visible in one single instance.

Tables across Page Breaks

Vanilla tabular environments are not broken at page breaks. They are moved to the next page where they will produce an overfull vbox when exceeding the length of the text area.


Excerpt from an IRC chat …

Selecting Pages in PostScript

Prepare a PostScript document for printing doublesided by generating new PostScript documents containing only even or odd pages:

Perl Super-Methods

When writing object oriented code, you will most certainly have stumbled across the problem of calling super method explicitly. That need might arise if you have overwritten such a method in the inheriting class but now need the functionality of the super method:

Perl Module Carp

… helps producing error messages.

Perl Dynamic Code Considerations

There isn’t very much to be said about that. During my work on one of my perl projects, I started playing with both function references and eval blocks. I noticed a significant increase in overall performance when using function references.


Not much to say about that.

Page Numbering

Change the style of the page numbering: