Slide Deck (German) about #PSDSC at #DCUG

I recently talked about PowerShell Desired State Configuration, #PSDSC at #DCUG - a German speaking Citrix User Group. I’d like to share my slide deck and the code for my demo.

Slide Deck (German) about #Azure #RemoteApp at #VCNRW

Last week I talked about #Azure #RemoteApp at #VCNRW, the Virtualization Community NRW in Cologne, Germany. I’d like to share my slide deck and the code for one of my demos.

Slide Deck and Demos from my Session about #PSDSC at #E2EVC Berlin

I had the chance to talk about PowerShell Desired State Configuration or short #PSDSC at #E2EVC Berlin. I’d like to share my slide deck, the code for my demos and the videos I recorded for two of my demos.

DFS Replication Chokes on Temporary File Attribute

Today I have come across one of those weird issues that take a lot of time to analyze and resolve. One single file was not replicated using DFS-R. But if the content was copied to a new file, replication worked as expected. Let me show you what caused this behaviour.

Deploying Remote Desktop Services using PowerShell Desired State Configuration (#PSDSC)

After finally feeling familiar with PowerShell Desired State Configuration (PSDSC), I decided to begin expanding the capabilities provided by the resource kits published by Microsoft. What better area to focus on than Remote Desktop Services?! Therefore, I have created a new DSC resource for Deploying Remote Desktop Services using PowerShell Desired State Configuration: cRemoteDesktopServices.

Application Compatibility with INI File Mapping

Lately, I have been working with a vendor to implement an LOB application in different customer environments. In the course of those troubleshooting actions, I learnt a lot about the internal mechanisms of Windows Server to help applications behave in environments utilizing Remote Desktop Services (with and without XenApp). In this post, I’d like to share my findings about INI File Mapping, a mechanism to prevent applications from using INI files.

Project VRC Survey shows Need for Automation and Performance Testing

Two months ago, I urged you to participate in the yearly survey of Project Virtual Reality Check called “State of the VDI and SBC union”. I am really happy to share some of the results with you.

Unable to Create a Hyper-V Virtual Switch without a vNIC Using #PSDSC Resource xHyperV

I have recently been working on node configuration for PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) involving the requirement for creating an external virtual switch without a virtual network adapter in the management OS. Unfortunately, the DSC resource called xHyperV contains a bug preventing to create a Hyper-v virtual switch without a vNIC:

Securing Access to #PSDSC Node Configuration on a Pull Server

In one of my posts about PowerShell Desired State Configuration, I presented several methods for assigning and managing GUIDs to pull nodes. The PowerShell team replied in their blog explaining the security issues with pull servers. But finally a solution is available to secure access to #PSDSC node configuration.

Manage and Repair Machine Catalogs in #XenApp/#XenDesktop 7 using #PowerShell

If you are using Machine Creation Services (MCS) extensively, you strongly depend on the hosting infrastructure. But sometimes it becomes necessary to reorganize the structure inside the hosting infrastructure. In my case, a customer needed to rename clusters, datastores and virtual networks inside VMware vCenter. Unfortunately, machine catalogs cannot be reconfigured to accomodate for those changes. The only way to repair machine catalogs is to recreate them. That’s why I have created the following PowerShell cmdlets.