XFree Screenshots: Import

The import program offers you a nice and quick way to take screenshots from your X server and saving it in a variety of formats. It belongs to the ImageMagick package which contains tools to create edit and convert images.


The strings command extracts ASCII strings from files, even binaries.

RSync over SSH

Although rsync is also able to connect to a daemon to synchronize with remote locations, it isn’t always possible to install or customize a remote rsync server, which makes tunnelling through SSH the only alternative. This also ensures privacy and data integrity.

Null Termination

Please refer to Handling Filenames with Spaces


The Linux process scheduler allows custom priorities to be attached to a process to provide some metric to decide whether a process deserves more processor time than others.

XTerm Escapes

You can modify the title of an XTerm window by printing a certain escape sequence.

XFree Resources

XFree resources allow presetting preferences of most clients in ~/.Xdefaults and ~/.Xresources. These files are merged into the resources database by running xrdb -merge ~/.Xresource. Resources that are recognized by a client are usually documented in the accompanying man page.

Window Geometry

The positions and size of the window of an X client is controlled by the -geometry switch.

The -- Flag

Imagine you need to create the file -o but observe the following.

Filenames and Spaces

Filenames with spaces proove to be a major pita because many code constructs do not properly handle them.