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Selecting Pages in PostScript

Prepare a PostScript document for printing doublesided by generating new PostScript documents containing only even or odd pages:

Perl Super-Methods

When writing object oriented code, you will most certainly have stumbled across the problem of calling super method explicitly. That need might arise if you have overwritten such a method in the inheriting class but now need the functionality of the super method:

Perl Module Carp

… helps producing error messages.

Perl Dynamic Code Considerations

There isn’t very much to be said about that. During my work on one of my perl projects, I started playing with both function references and eval blocks. I noticed a significant increase in overall performance when using function references.


Not much to say about that.

Page Numbering

Change the style of the page numbering:

Page Margins

How to control the page layout.

Organizing PostScript Pages

The following command creates a new PostScript document containing n pages per page:

Maschinelle Übersetzung

Folgendes Gedicht wurde durch ein Übersetzungsprogramm geschickt, das es ins Japanische, dann ins Französische und zurück ins Deutsche übersetzt hat: