PDF Hyper References

The hyperref package will create proper bookmarks and hyper references in the document to jump to the desired place by a single click.

Multiple Inheritance in Perl

Ain’t no big deal, right?


Hyphenation automatically breaks a word across a line break in sensible places. In case this fails use the following commands.

Fancy Page Headers

Fancy headers allow you to customize the header and footer line.

Embedding Control Characters

The following example demonstrates how to use control characters to change characters on the current line:


The following commands provide a sane way from the LaTeX source document to a PDF document.

Check for Perl Module

Sometimes you’ll need to decide on a course of action depending on the presence of a certain module.


Captions should be placed inside a floating environment to ensure that it is printed with the figure when it is moved across pages.

Adding Perl Methods during Runtime

Since perl objects are blessed references, it is not easy to add an instance method which is visible in one single instance.

Tables across Page Breaks

Vanilla tabular environments are not broken at page breaks. They are moved to the next page where they will produce an overfull vbox when exceeding the length of the text area.