Emulating a Redirecting Load Balancer for WI and PNA

I recently had to reproduce an error concerning a load balanced Program Neighborhood Agent (PNA) installation. As this was a hardware load balancer, it was rather difficult to set up an equivalent environment because such a box is usually not available for testing purposes. So I ended up asking myself whether it is possible to build a virtualised environment with a minimum of resources, preferably in a single virtual machine. At the same time, the underlying concepts still need to apply for the error to be reproducible.

Why Policy Management Has Not Been Integrated into AMC (Update)

Haven’t we all wondered why Presentation Server has two management interfaces, the Presentation Server Console (PSC) and the Access Management Console (AMC)?

Text Style

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In case you do not have telnet or netcat handy to open a TCP or UDP client connection:


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Redirecting StdOut And StdErr

In case you would ever like to process standard output and standard error separately:


How to create presentations:

Perl Subroutine References

If you are planning to use dynamically added code in your program, you should not rely on eval because it is several times slower than adding a subroutine:

PDF Hyper References

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Multiple Inheritance in Perl

Ain’t no big deal, right?