Slide Deck about #Azure #RemoteApp at #DuCuG

Today I talked about #Azure #RemoteApp at #DuCuG in Amsterdam. I’d like to share my slide deck and the code for one of my demos.

The DuCUG community events are well-known throughout Europe as the Dutch are a very active folk in the Microsoft and Citrix ecosystem. That is why I felt honoured to be asked to hold a presentation at this meeting.

Slide Deck for #Azure #RemoteApp at #DuCUG

First slide of presentation

Either click the image above or this link to download the slide deck for #Azure #RemoteApp at #DuCUG.

I covered the following topics with a heavy focus on the infrastructure necessary to run a hybrid deployment including detailed demos about virtual networks, site-2-site VPN and Azure AD Connect.


In addition to several live demos of the cloud and hybrid deployments, I have also given a short introduction to managing Azure RemoteApp using PowerShell. The code of this demo is available at GitHub.

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