Text Style

The following commands will alter the appearance of your text.


Name Command Declaration
roman \textrm{Text} \rmfamily
sansserif \textsf{Text} \sffamily
typewriter \texttt{Text} \ttfamily
medium \textmd{Text} \mkseries
bold \textbf{Text} \bfseries
upright textup{Text} \upshape
italic \textit{Text} \itshape
slanted \textsl{Text} \slshape
small caps \textsc{Text} \scshape
emphasized \emph{Text} \em
document font \textnormal{Text} \normalfont

Sizes declarations:



Any of the above declarations changes the font in the current context. You will have to enclose it in curly brackets to limit the effect:

normal text
{\Large Large text}
normal text

See also Fonts

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