GitLab ships with Prometheus

Grafana was removed in 16.3.0 (August 2023)

All components expose metrics

GitLab includes Prometheus exporters for all components

GitLab provides custom dashboards for import into Grafana


  1. Start Grafana next to GitLab

     docker compose \
         --project-name gitlab \
         --file ../100_reverse_proxy/compose.yml \
         --file ../160_runner/compose.yml \
         --file ./compose.yml \
         up -d
  2. Create datasource of type Prometheus with URL

  3. Import dashboard with ID 5774

  4. Add link to Grafana: Admin Area Settings Metrics and profiling Metrics - Grafana

  5. Find link under: Admin Area Monitoring Metrics Dashboard

GitLab CI Pipelines Exporter (GCPE)

Prometheus exporter for pipelines collecting…

Meant to run as daemon

Regularly checks configured projects

Regularly discovers new projects