GitLab comes with extensive troubleshooting guides

For example…

Sidekiq (job processor)

GitLab rails

…as well as tools…

gitlabsos (omnibus, docker)


…and tracing across logs

Correlation IDs

Reset the root password

If you cannot log into GitLab using root

But you have access to the console

Use gitlab-rake:

docker exec -it gitlab \
    gitlab-rake "gitlab:password:reset[root]"


Retrieve users public keys:

curl -s http://gitlab.<DOMAIN>/<USERNAME>.keys

Find user for SSH private key:

$ ssh -T -i id_rsa git@gitlab.<DOMAIN>
Welcome to GitLab, @<USERNAME>!

Debug SSH connection and authentication:

ssh -Tvvv -i id_rsa git@gitlab.<DOMAIN>

Find user for given SSH key fingerprint:

curl --silent --header "Private-Token: admin-private-token" \ \
| jq


Find owner of access token

Access Token

Example for personal access token:

curl -sH "Private-Token: <TOKEN>" http://gitlab.<DOMAIN>/api/v4/user \
| jq -r .username

Example for group access token (group ID 6):

curl -sH "Private-Token: <TOKEN>" http://gitlab.<DOMAIN>/api/v4/user \
| jq -r .username

Deploy Token

No known way to find group or project… except for log parsing for requests