Full-text search across the instance using ElasticSearch

Requires a premium license

Uses open-source project internally


Run full web-based IDE using Gitpod

Uses web-based Visual Studio Code

Free tier of cloud service requires public repositories

Self-hosted deployment requires Kubernetes


Render diagrams from textual descriptions using Kroki


Deploy in addition to GitLab:

# Switch to directory for this topic
cd ../135_integrations

# Deploy kroki
docker compose --project-name gitlab \
    --file ../100_reverse_proxy/compose.yml \
    --file compose.yml \
    up -d

Enable Kroki in web UI (Menu Admin Settings General Kroki)

Set Kroki URL: http://kroki

See and commit to repository


Integration of Jira work items with code in GitLab

Two flavours

See feature comparison

Jira integration

Connects one or more project to a Jira instance

Jira development panel integration

Connects all projects under a group to a Jira instance