The DevOps Platform

“Deliver software faster with better security and collaboration in a single platform.”


Manage - Groups, Compliance / Value Stream Management

Plan - Team Planning, Service Desk, Management

Create - Code, Reviews, Wiki

Verify - CI, Testing, Coverage, Performance Testing

Package - Package/Container/Helm Chart Registry

Secure - SAST, Code quality, DAST

Release - CD, Pages, Environment Management

Configure - Auto DevOps, Kubernetes, ChatOps, IaaC

Monitor - Metrics, Incident Management, Tracing

Protect - Container Scanning, Security Orchestration


Same pricing and features for cloud and self-hosted


Based on open-source project, allows your own runners, static websites 5GB storage , 400 minutes/month , 5 users/group

Premium ($19/user/month)

Faster code reviews, advanced CI/CD, enterprise agile planning, release controls, support

Ultimate ($99/user/month)

Advanced security testing, security risk mitigation, compliance, portfolio management, value stream management, free guest users