XFree Message Windows

The xmessage that comes with Xorg (or XFree) displays a customizable message box. Although its set of features is extended by the gxmessage command, the following listing applies to both command:

What the heck is pack?

The internal commands pack and unpack have been the source of much confusion, therefore, I will shortly present typical scenarios when to use pack and unpack.

Subversion - svnserve

Instead of publishing subversion repositories via its integration in the apache web server, you can use the svnserve daemon which run on port 3690 by default (but can be used with an inetd).

Memory Allocation Pool

The Java virtual machine provides a limited amount of memory which can be used for application data. By default, this memory allocation pool is initialized to 2 megabytes and is limited to 64 megabytes. There are two command line options that control the size of the pool:

Java Build System

This Java build system is based on ant. It comes with a build.xml that contains project configuration variables. This file includes include.xml that defines the available targets.

GLibC Locales

Portage can be configured to not build all available locales. By applying the following two steps, the selected locales are whitelisted.

Caching Entity Resolver

Both SAX and DOM parsers attempt to download document type definitions everytime they are encountered. The caching entity resolver stores them in a local repository and answers all further requests directly from the repository.

Changing Your Passphrase

To change the passphrase of your ssh private key:

My Setup: Public Key Authentication

The following code chunk is copied from my ~/.bash_profile and demonstrates how to ensure that all login shells share a single SSH agent. You will also want to distribute your public key(s) and enable agent forwarding.

Authorized Key Commands

Please be sure to have read and understood public key authentication. In ~/.ssh/authorized_keys a public key may be prepended by comma-separated list of options: