Workshops about #Docker for Beginners and Advanced Users at Sommercampus #Freiburg

I had the honour to contribute two workshops about Docker to an called Sommercampus held by the faculty of engineering of the university Freiburg:

  1. Docker for Beginners (slides)
  2. Docker for Advanced Users (slides)

The demos are part of the slides.

Microsoft MVP 2019/2020 in Cloud and Datacenter Management #CDMMVP

I am very happy to announce that I have been awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Cloud and Datacenter Management again.

Thank you, Microsoft, for recognizing my contributions to the community.

Workshop about #Docker for Advanced Users at DevOps Essentials #DevOpsentials19

This week, I attended a new kind of conferencecalled DevOps Essentials organized by dpunkt, heise Developer and iX. They decided to have most half-day workshops with only one keynote-like talk per day. I was able to contribute one of the half-day workshops for advanced users of Docker.

Container Native Build Using Insulatr

Products for continuous integration and continuous delivery have become a commodity. But among them is a growing number isolating build steps in containers. Instead of using a fully integrated product, I have created a tool called insulatr to execute builds in containers without the need for a server component or scheduler.

Talk about Developing #PowerShell Modules at Azure Meetup #Freiburg

This week I had the opportunity to speak at the Azure and .NET Meetup Freiburg about developing PowerShell modules. Thanks for having me!

Talk about #Docker Security at @devsmeetup #Freiburg

After one whole year, I was finally able to contribute another talk at DevMeetup Freiburg. It was about the security ups and downs of container management based on Docker.

One Workshop and Two Talks about #Docker at ContainerConf #concon2018

ContainerConf marked a very special moment this year because I was able to contribute one workshop and two talks about Docker.

Publishing the #Docker daemon using a Containerized Reverse Proxy

Publishing the Docker daemon usually involves creating the requires certificates, reconfiguring the Docker daemon and restarting it. But often, you do not have the necessary permissions to change the daemon configuration or restart it. I’ll demonstrate how to use a containerized reverse proxy to achieve the same.

Workshop about Container CI/CD Security at #xcelerateconf #docker #cicd

This year, I co-organized x-celerate conference for the second time and contributed a half-day workshop about CI/CD for containers.

How to Tag #Docker Images without Pulling them

During my investigation regarding the merging of layers from multiple images, I realized that the Docker Registry API can also be used to tag image without pulling and pushing the whole image. Let’s take a closer look.