What I consider to be Professional #PowerShell

I have recently held several PowerShell introductions and had exciting discussions about coding style and things considered to be professional in PowerShell. I decided to collect those thoughts. The presentation grew to a point where I decided to publish it.

This presentation is now called Professional PowerShell and is living in its own GitHub repo. It covers the following topics: code guidelines, functions, pipelines, parallelization, remoting, caveats, hints, code quality and modules. Each chapter consists of a collection of thoughts describing how to do or improve something. I have tried to limit every topic to a single slide - and almost succeeded.

Note that Profession PowerShell is not meant to provide an introduction to PowerShell and trying to use it as such will horribly fail. But if you are becoming an intermediate in PowerShell, it may well be worth a read.

I have collected some ideas in the issues how to extend Professional PowerShell. But I would be really happy to have your input.

Feedback is always welcome! If you'd like to get in touch with me concerning the contents of this article, please use Twitter.