The Day after x-celerate #xcelerate2017

On 10-10-2017 our very own conference x-celerate took place at the trade fair in Freiburg, Germany. With well over 100 attendees, the feedback proved it was a success in its first year.

All of this would not have been possible without a great team. We were very lucky with such a great speaker line-up (in alphabetical order):

The trade fair in Freiburg was a superb choice as venue with enough room to accomodate all attendees without getting crowded and extraordinary food. Although my talk was scheduled to the smaller room, it was packed with an audience of roughly 50.

The room is filling up for the keynote Ready for my talk

If you are curious to take a look at my talk, you’ll find the slides on SlideShare or download them here.

In the coming days, we will distribute the slides of all presentations and publish some fotos of the event.

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