(German) Slide Deck about Windows Containers and #Docker (#WindowsContainer)

This week I talked (in German) about Windows Containers and Docker at DCUG TecCon in Kassel. DCUG is a German Citrix User Group run by Roy Textor which has organized many meetups in Germany. TecCon is the first two-day conference held in the same spirit. Today, I’d like to share the slide deck as well as the code for my demo.

Slide Deck about Windows Containers and Docker

First slide of presentation

Either click the image above or this link to download the slide deck about Windows Container and Docker.

I covered the following topics with a heavy focus on making changes to many servers at the same time with or without throttling:


The slides only explain what containers are and how they work. The session also included a demo how it feels to manage containers using Docker. The code for my demo is available on GitHub.

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