Now #MVP Cloud and Datacenter Management (#MVPBuzz)

I am very proud to announce that I have received the Microsoft MVP award for the 7th time. But now I am a MVP Cloud and Datacenter Management.

For many years, I have been strongly focussed on end-user computing designing and implementing Citrix XenApp as well as the products related to or required by such environments. With this I seem to have earned the first six awards as MVP Remote Desktop Services / Enterprise Mobility. But over the years my interest started shifting. After nearly twelve years I felt the strong urge to change and focus on topics I started finding more interesting.

When I started as a DevOps Engineer at Haufe-Lexware, this marked a very drastic change because I will not be working/focusing in end-user computing anymore. By then, my interests had already changed to automation and infrastructure components at the low end of the stack. I had started investing heavily in automation (mainly using PowerShell), configuration management (mainly using PowerShell Desired State Configuration) and containerization (Windows based as well as Linux based).

By now, I am working on continuous delivery for infrastructure components including topics like immmutable servers, blue/green deployments and the like. Funnily this also included dusting off my Linux skills which have been dormant for many years … but you never really forget how to use vim.

In the end, you will have already noticed that the focus of this blog has changed as well and it will continue to reflect my new focus. I hope you find the content still relevant.

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