Unable to Create a Hyper-V Virtual Switch without a vNIC Using #PSDSC Resource xHyperV

I have recently been working on node configuration for PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) involving the requirement for creating an external virtual switch without a virtual network adapter in the management OS. Unfortunately, the DSC resource called xHyperV contains a bug preventing to create a Hyper-v virtual switch without a vNIC:

I have been using the following DSC node configuration to define the switch called ExternalSwitch. By setting AllowManagementOS to $false, I specified to skip creating a corresponding virtual network adapter.

Configuration HypervisorConfiguration {

    #region Import resources
    Import-DscResource -ModuleName xHyper-V

    Node $AllNodes.NodeName {
        xVMSwitch HostSwitch {
            Name                   = 'ExternalSwitch'
            Type                   = 'External'
            AllowManagementOS      = $false
            NetAdapterName         = 'Ethernet0'
            Ensure                 = 'Present'
            DependsOn              = '[WindowsFeature]Hyper-V'

The responsible DSC resource xVMSwitch in xHyperV (xHyper-V\DSCResources\MSFT_xVMSwitch\MSFT_xVMSwitch.psm1) needs to check whether the parameter AllowManagementOS is present. Unfortunately, the check only works when the parameter is present and set to $true but fails when it is present and is set to $false.

This DSC resource requires the check for AllowManagementOS in three places. It fails only in the first and third instance of this test. The following patch fixes those checks:

--- C:\Users\Nicholas\Documents\DSC\xHyper-V\DSCResources\MSFT_xVMSwitch\MSFT_xVMSwitch.psm1
+++ C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\xHyper-V\DSCResources\MSFT_xVMSwitch\MSFT_xVMSwitch.psm1
@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@
                 $parameters = @{}
                 $parameters["Name"] = $Name
                 $parameters["NetAdapterName"] = $NetAdapterName
-                if($AllowManagementOS){$parameters["AllowManagementOS"]=$AllowManagementOS}
+                if($PSBoundParameters.ContainsKey("AllowManagementOS")){$parameters["AllowManagementOS"]=$AllowManagementOS}
                 $null = New-VMSwitch @parameters
                 Write-Verbose -Message "Switch $Name has right netadapter $NetAdapterName"
@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@
                 $parameters["NetAdapterName"] = $NetAdapterName
-                if($AllowManagementOS)
+                if($PSBoundParameters.ContainsKey("AllowManagementOS"))
                     $parameters["AllowManagementOS"] = $AllowManagementOS

The bug has already been reported for xHyperV on the TechNet Gallery. In addition, I have notified Ravikanth Chaganti of this bug and contributed a fix to his enhancements in cHyperV.

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