Setting up a Desired State Configuration Pull Server with Non-English Locales

When I started working with Desired State Configuration (DSC), I decided to use a pull server because I do not want to touch every machine. Configuring a pull server is a one time configuration identical on all machines. Unfortunately, I stumbled across a problem with my German locale which required fixing in the DSC module responsible for setting up the pull server in IIS.

I was following the detailed description provided by Microsoft. But instead of a nifty pull server, I got the following error message:

In essence, it tells me that a DLL does not exist in the subdirectory for the German locale:


This issue is caused by the responsible DSC resource (MSFT_xDSCWebService) assuming that the DLL exists for all possible locales. In fact, the DLL only exists for English locales (en-*).

To correct this issue I have edited

C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\xPSDesiredStateConfiguration\DSCResources\MSFT_xDSCWebService\MSFT_xDSCWebService.psm1

and added a test for the DLL. In case it does not exist for the current locale, I make the resource fallback to English:

$culture = Get-Culture
$language = $culture.TwoLetterISOLanguageName
if (-Not $(Test-Path "$pathPullServer\$language\Microsoft.Powershell.DesiredStateConfiguration.Service.Resources.dll")) {
    $language = "en"

I will also report this bug.

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