My Next Speaker Slots

I thought I’d let you know when and where I’ll be speaking this year. Note that all events are held in German. Sorry for the multilanguage post!

</tr> </table> So, in case you are interested in any of the topics, drop in and enjoy the show.
When Where What
14. August 2010 ice:2010[Site]( Performance Monitoring und Kapazitätsmanagement – Warum Expertenwissen mehr zählt als jedes Produkt![Abstract]( [Speaker Profile]( [![Hear Me Speak](/media/2014/02/hearmespeak_2010.gif)](/media/2014/02/hearmespeak_2010.gif)
10. September 2010 NRWconf 2010[Site]( Skalierbarkeit messbar machen[Speaker Profile](</p> [![NRWconf logo](/media/2014/02/NRWconf.png)](/media/2014/02/NRWconf.png)
28. September 2010 IT Admin Tech Talk [Site]( Die 10 häufigsten Windows-Probleme – Management der Server-InfrastrukturSoftware 2020: Betriebssysteme, Applikationen und die Cloud</p> [Abstracts]( [Speaker Profile](
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