Followup: First Dive Into CPSCOM

There has been a reaction in the Official Citrix Blog concerning my article about the First Dive Into CPSCOM on the CDN community site. Vishal Ganeriwala comments that MFCOM ist still the only official programming interface for Presentation Server. Apparently, the API for CPSCOM will not be disclosed directly but only through a set of cmdlets for PowerShell which will be published through a SDK.

I guess there is more behind this step. When attending Citrix Summit 2008, I had the chance to have a look at the Partner Preview of Citrix Workflow Studio, a new product to create workflows across Citrix’ whole product range. Workflow Studio is able to interface with products through PowerShell (among others). Citrix is probably working hard on the cmdlets for Presentation Server to publish a new SDK and finish Workflow Studio.


First Dive into CPSCOM

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