PDF Hyper References

The hyperref package will create proper bookmarks and hyper references in the document to jump to the desired place by a single click.

Document layout:

% ...
	pdfauthor = {AUTHOR},
	pdftitle = {TITLE},
	pdfsubject = {SUBJECT},
	pdfkeywords = {KEYWORDS},
	pdfcreator = {CREATOR},
	pdfproducer = {PRODUCER}
% ...

For a list of drivers see Generating PS/PDF Documents

Package feature options:

Option Values Default Description
backref true,false false Add references to bibliography items linking them to locations of corresponding citations
bookmarks true,false true Compile bookmarks from table of contents
bookmarksopen true,false false Open bookmarks on load of document
bookmarksopenlevel n maxdimen Maximum visible bookmark level
breaklinks true,false false Allow links to be broken across lines
colorlinks true,false false Allow coloured links
hyperfigures true,false false Build list of figures with hyper references
hyperindex true,false true Build index with hyper references
linktocpage true,false false Entries in the table of contents are linked to sections by the page numbers instead of the title
pageanchor true,false true Insert a link anchor on every page
raiselinks true,false false Raise up links

Colouring options

These options are self-explanatory

Option Default
anchorcolor black
citecolor green
citebordercolor 0 1 0
filecolor cyan
filebordercolor 0 .5 .5
linkcolor red
linkbordercolor 1 0 0
menucolor red
menubordercolor 1 0 0
pagecolor red
pagebordercolor 1 1 0
urlcolor magenta
urlbordercolor 0 1 1

PDF viewer options:

Option Values Default Description
pdffitwindow true,false false Document is fitted to window on load
pdtnewwindow true,false false Open links in new window
pdfmenubar true,false true Show menu in viewer
pdfpagelayout SinglePage   Shows single page and flips when advancing
  OneColumn   Displays document in single column and allows continuous scrolling
  TwoColumnLeft   Displays document in two column with odd-numbered pages to the left
  TwoColumnRight   Displays document in two columns with odd-numbered pages to the right
pdfpagemode None   Default mode of display
  UseThumbs   Shows thumbnails
  UseOutlines   Shows bookmarks
  FullScreen   View fullscreen
pdfstartpage n 1 Number of page to display on load
pdftoolbar true,false true Show toolsbar in viewer
pdfpagetransition Blinds   How a page transition is performed

Additional macros …

… provided by the hyperref package:


\url{URL} corresponds to \href{URL}{URL}

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