Docker CLI Plugins

Docker CLI Plugins

Extend docker CLI with new sub commands

Located in ~/.docker/cli-plugins

Executable file called docker-<command>

Command line parameters are passed as parameters

Plugin metdata via parameter docker-cli-plugin-metadata:

"Vendor":"Nicholas Dille",
"ShortDescription":"Sample metadata",

Demo: Docker CLI Plugins

Place docker-distribution in ~/.docker/cli-plugins:

mkdir -p ~/.docker/cli-plugins
cp docker-distribution ~/.docker/cli-plugins
chmod +x ~/.docker/cli-plugins/docker-distribution

Test integration into Docker CLI:


Display help for sub commands:

docker distribution

Demo: Docker CLI Plugins

Prepare local registry:

docker pull alpine
docker tag alpine localhost:5000/alpine
docker login localhost:5000
docker push localhost:5000/alpine

Use docker-distribution to determine tags:

docker distribution list-tags localhost:5000/alpine

Docker Client Plugins Manager (CLIP)

CLIP created by Docker Captain Łukasz Lach

How it works

Framework for running containerized client plugins

Distributed using Docker registry

Plugin list

expose, publish, showcontext, microscan, dive, runlike, sh, hello

Demo: Docker Client Plugins Manager (CLIP)

Install plugin for dive:

docker clip add lukaszlach/clips:dive
docker clip ls

Run plugin dive:

docker dive localhost:5000/alpine