Classic Build Cache Warming

Classic Build Cache Warming

Builds may not not run on the same host

How it works

Use local images to warm cache

docker pull myimage:1
docker build --cache-from myimage:1 --tag myimage:2

Internal build cache is ignored when using --cache-from


Added in Docker 1.13

Image must be present locally

Demo: Classic Build Cache Warming v1

# Push image
docker run -d -p 5000:5000 registry:2
docker build --tag localhost:5000/hello-world-java .
docker push localhost:5000/hello-world-java

# Reset Docker
docker system prune --all

# Pull image
docker pull localhost:5000/hello-world-java

# Build with cache from local image
docker build --cache-from localhost:5000/hello-world-java .

Internal build cache is still used when cache image does not exist