The Performance Monitoring Poster

In the course of the last months, I have been working on a guide through the process of performance analysis. The poster introduces the individual subsystems and provides a step-by-step guide through important metrics and explains how to read the signs of a bottleneck. Read on for an excerpt from the poster.

Introduction (Excerpt)

Performance monitoring is a mysterious domain. Often an issue is easily traced to a certain subsystem but sometimes a bottleneck is much harder to uncover. This poster offers a thorough overview of the relations between the individual subsystems and provides a guide to support the analysis of the more complex and hard to narrow down issues.

The five subsystems covered on this poster are ordered by complexity. To begin with, the famous processor, memory and disk subsystems are covered followed by a dive into the analysis of running processes and the kernel. The analysis for each of the subsystems is structured into steps with increasing complexity. If necessary or appropriate, a step contains references to another subsystems which may be participating in the issue.

This poster describes performance analysis for the most important subsystems by providing vital insights, the relation to other subsystems and a step-by-step guide how to analyze the subsystem. It is recommended that you follow the five steps in the analysis of performance issues.”


Download the poster and have a look for yourself. I’ll be happy to have your comments and ideas for improvement.

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