How to Choose a Profile Solution (Version 1.5 of the User Profile Whitepaper)

The whitepaper about user profile management has been available for several months and has reached an astonishing number of downloads. Due to the evolving strategies for delivering applications as well as desktops, we decided to expand on the issue of evaluating user profile management solutions and the subtleties involved in this process.

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Abstract (new chapter)

After covering the basics topic of Windows user profiles with their inherent issues and traditional remedies as well as describing how sepagoPROFILE handles the challenges, this chapter provides a set of guidelines which subjects are vital in the evaluation of user profile management solutions. Most companies are forced into looking for a profile solution due to preceding problems with settings in Windows roaming profiles. At that point, it is not a question of whether a profile solution is required but rather which is chosen and implemented. To select such a solution from those available on the market, the requirements need to be thoroughly defined. But there are still subtleties that the responsible person may be unaware of. The following sections contain several topics important to the evaluation of profile solutions in order to be able to select a product matching the requirements as well as minimize the costs required for the implementation and the maintenance of such a solution.


Announcement of previous versions of the User Profile Management Whitepaper

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