SSH Agent

The SSH agent stores unencrypted private keys to help you log in to servers without supplying your private key’s passphrase during retries.

NOTE: Unfortunately the agent stores private keys for an unlimited amount of time by default. Therefore, please take note of command line parameters of ssh-agent and ssh-add to limit the key lifetime inside the agent.

For ssh-add and ssh to work the two commands rely on two environment variables: SSH_AGENT_PID and SSH_AUTH_SOCK. The following two methods will start the SSH agent with automatically setting those environment variables:

  1. Method 1:
  1. Method 2:

Example sessions:

  1. With the SSH agent:
  $ ssh-agent -t 60 bash --login
  $ ssh-add TEST
  Need passphrase for TEST
  Enter passphrase for TEST:
  Identity added: TEST (TEST)
  $ ssh -i TEST USER@HOST
  Last login: SOMETIME from SOMEWHERE

Successive logins are possible.

  1. Without the SSH agent:
  $ ssh -i TEST USER@HOST
  Enter passphrase for key 'TEST':
  Last login: SOMETIME from SOMEWHERE

The passphrase is needed for each and every login.

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